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Improving operational efficiency and the customer or partner experience are always at the top of a telco’s priority list, ensuring they keep or gain a competitive edge.

In order to adapt to a market that is full of uncertainty, operators have to build a foundation of systems and processes that allows them to continually transform their business, creating a long-term competitive advantage.

However, achieving these improvements can be very challenging in an industry that is very dynamic, rapidly changing and, particularly at a domestic level, under constant regulatory pressure.

Continual transformation is more like understanding your vision, what you are trying to achieve in these changing market conditions. However, look at your internal processes, mindsets and people – do they require transformation? There is no carrier to carrier transformation without internal transformation.

Artur Ostrowski, COO, Enxoo

An increasingly important area of a telco business transformation is the automation of inter-carrier interactions.

The collaboration between operators and their partners can be a time-consuming, manual and error-prone process, involving people, emails, spreadsheets, and negotiations.


Nowadays, to become a partner of first choice, services need to be activated instantly,

in a transparent way, and incidents must be dealt with effectively. The integration of such operator-to-operator processes through API-based automation can result in significant benefits for both operators and their partners, including reduced manual tasks, accelerated service delivery, greater operational efficiency, and improved customer/partner experience.



Enxoo developed two ready-to-use Salesforce®-native frameworks that enable operator-to-operator service automation:

The first one, Enxoo Vendor Management for Carriers, helps operators to efficiently manage the cooperation with their suppliers by eliminating manual and time-consuming processes.


You can automate the offer collection and simplify the selection of the best vendor you want to cooperate with.

The tool streamlines the vendor bids collection process, from inquiry through to collection, comparison and ordering, by sending automated requests vendors can bid on.

With the internal Vendor Rating, you can easily review your supplier history and experience to always choose the best service provider.


With Vendor Management:

The second framework refers to an API-centric, fully integrated BSS/OSS solution that enables zero-touch process automation, allowing operators to rapidly quote, provision and invoice wholesale services across their network footprint.


This comprehensive framework, which is built on the Salesforce® platform, allows operators to fully automate processes for:

- customer management

- product management

- request handling

- offer preparation

- order fulfillment

- network management

- service assurance

- billing

- reporting

The API-first architecture supports partner onboarding, the integration with network management systems, the integration with ERP systems, and hardware & virtualization (ESB).

Given the large amount of repeatable daily transactions and interactions with their partners,

closes the gap with OSS platformscloses the gap with OSS platforms,

operators need to adopt a flexible service fulfillment solution that allows the automation of key business processes,

and enables carrier interoperability.

In this way operators ensure they stay competitive in the future.


Key benefits of a fully

integrated BSS/OSS solution with

zero-touch process automation:

- Reduced human errors

- Lower costs

- Accelerated service delivery

- Greater operational efficiency

- Simplified customer journeys

Adopting an API-first strategy is an invaluable component of a telco business transformation:

- It’s comprehensive

- It’s scalable

- It’s efficient

- It enhances the customer experience

- It creates a foundation for long-term, continual transformation

At Enxoo, we have the industry experience and technical expertise to support our customers throughout their digital journey by delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

As a recent example, Enxoo helped Nexera to launch a Network API that enables service providers to rapidly connect and deploy services across Nexera’s fibre-optic infrastructure network in Poland.

Local service providers can use the API to extend their reach with visibility into inventory, automated processes and direct connectivity. The Network API has also been submitted as a Proof of Concept to the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) - POC 134.




In October 2020, Nexera won the Global Carrier Awards 2020 in the category Best OSS/BSS deployment.


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