Enxoo helps Upp to bring next level broadband to underserved towns and communities across the East of England

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Upp Corporation Limited - Customer Success Story:


About Upp

Download the full success story and learn how long Enxoo needed to deliver a fully integrated BSS solution - spoiler, it was a matter of months!

“We started Upp at the beginning of 2021 and went live with the Enxoo-delivered Salesforce solution six months later – all accomplished without a single meeting in-person,” said Alex Marshall, Co-Founder and CTIO at Upp. “That is a remarkable pace and a testament to Enxoo’s highly skilled team. They are as enthusiastic to be part of our project and our ambitions as we are.”

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Upp is a new FTTH operator in the UK with a plan to invest GBP 1 billion to roll-out a full fibre network to more than 1 million premises by 2025 in eastern England. Upp has support from investment group LetterOne and partner suppliers such as Nokia, Linksys, Fujikura and Salesforce.com.

About Enxoo

Enxoo provides telecommunications-specific digital transformation solutions based on Salesforce technology. As one of the fastest growing independent Salesforce partners since 2012, Enxoo’s mission is to provide a combination of solutions and consulting services to optimize sales cycles, support growth & revenue, and improve operational processes.

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