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2– 4 October 2023 | Dallas, Texas

Global NaaS Event

Welcome to the forefront of telecom innovation!
Enxoo is proud to be a Silver sponsor at this prestigious event, where digital transformation leaders unite to accelerate secure Network-as-a-Service offerings, automation platforms, and ecosystems. Engage with industry executives, experience powerful speakers, witness cutting-edge demos, and forge valuable connections over two-plus days of networking. Join us as we shape the future of the telecommunications industry together.


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With rising operational costs, declining margins and customers demanding real-time delivery, CSPs are under pressure to optimize their business processes. Outdated architectures, siloed databases and manual processes for buying and selling services are becoming unsustainable and are holding carriers back.

Meet us at the event to discuss how to accelerate service delivery, improve customer experience and loyalty, and prepare your organisation for NaaS-Network-as-a-Service.

We’ve partnered with industry standards pioneers from MEF as well as leading enterprise cloud technology providers - Salesforce© and MuleSoft©- to deliver an end-to-end LSO API solution for carriers.

Head of Sales at Enxoo

Ewa Jaśkowiak

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Maciej Simm

Head of Innovation Pillar at Enxoo

Dominik Lisowski

Salesforce Cloud Architect at Enxoo

“We truly believe that APIs should not be exclusive to the big players. They should be available and easy to use for everyone. Let’s evaluate several principles and factors that we think are important to consider when planning and adopting a wholesale carrier API strategy.”

Maciej Simm, Head of Innovation Pillar at Enxoo

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Why adopt API industry standards?

The Enxoo API Hub enables Network Sellers to show their capabilities to partners via an automated, API-driven channel. Eliminate manual operations, automate serviceability, and boost revenue with Enxoo API Hub.

“Our ambition was to create a single, universal system, setting the standards of operation of entities on the telecommunications market. We are proud that we managed to successfully implement this innovative system.”

Jacek Wiśniewski, CEO at Nexera


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Enxoo is a boutique Salesforce partner, specialising in digital transformation for the Communications industry.


We not only help traditional communications service providers (CSP) accelerate business transformation to better meet modern customer expectations, but also help emerging digital service providers (DSP) to stabilise and standardise their business models through Business Support Systems (BSS).

We work with numerous CSPs and focus specifically on the following market segments:

Embark on your digital transformation journey with a guide you can trust!

  • Wholesale Carriers,
  • Next Generation FTTx Network Operators
  • Enterprise Connectivity Service Providers.

Discover groundbreaking insights from the MEF report, sponsored by Enxoo! Delve into the forefront of service automation and unlock invaluable knowledge on the industry's rapid evolution towards a dynamic and fully automated service delivery ecosystem.

Learn how standardized LSO business APIs revolutionize scalability, interoperability, and profitability for service providers worldwide. Download your free copy now and stay ahead in the race for efficient and profitable service delivery!

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MEF State of the Industry Report: Paradigm Shift - Automating Business Functions Between Service Providers

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