Enxoo at the ME 2023 GCCM in Muscat!

Empowering wholesale transformation with standardized MEF LSO business APIs - challenges and best practices


06 Nov 2023 |

11:45 AM

Executive Panel Session

Welcome to ME 2023 GCCM in Muscat, an annual event hosted by Carrier Community (CC). This is a unique opportunity to join over 600 club members, representing decision-makers from 300 Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 operators across 50 countries. Enxoo is pleased to be an Associate Sponsor of this event.


Muscat/ Oman



11:45 - 12:30 in Oman


Empowering wholesale transformation with standardized MEF LSO business APIs - challenges and best practices

Executive Panel Session

  • The most pressing challenges in the telecommunications industry today
  • Expert insights and strategies to navigate the complex telecommunications landscapes and drive growth
  • Real-life case studies showcasing successful solutions implemented by industry leaders

Talking points: API Standardization and Interoperability

  • Highlight the importance of standardized APIs for fostering interoperability among different telecommunication systems and platforms
  • Discuss the challenges in achieving API standardization and ways to overcome them
  • Showcase success stories of companies that have benefited from adopting standardized APIs in their operations
  • The role of APIs in 5G and beyond
  • Share insights into the future of APIs as telecommunications continue to evolve with emerging technologies Monetizing APIs in the Wholesale Market


Ewa Jaśkowiak

Head of Sales at Enxoo

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Panelist Biography

Ewa Jaśkowiak - Head of Sales at Enxoo

Ewa has more than 7 years of experience working with various companies on their digital transformation journey. As a mathematics graduate, she started her professional career as a data analyst, working with major pharmaceutical companies in Poland. She moved into the IT space to work with leading cloud technologies and to digitize manual processes in finance and manufacturing. She has recently started her work in the communications industry, using her experience with a vast range of companies and cutting-edge technologies to drive the industry forward. She is a strong advocate of women in technology and loves new challenges.

You’ll definitely have topics to talk about!

Salim Al-Mazrui

General Manager Capacity & National Accounts,

Other panelists

Maxim Akinin

Director – International Carriers, PJSC Rostelecom

Mateo Pablo Mlikota

Sr. Vice President/ International Roaming & Mobile Services, E& (Etisalat)

Erik Van Stokkom

Chief Moderator and M&A, Carrier Community GmbH & Co

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In a challenging landscape of rising operational costs and customer demands for real-time services, CSPs face pressure to modernize. Outdated systems and manual processes are holding carriers back.

Join us at Capacity Europe to explore solutions for faster service delivery and improved customer experiences, preparing your organization for NaaS (Network-as-a-Service).

Discover our collaboration with industry leaders like MEF and enterprise cloud technology providers, Salesforce© and MuleSoft©, as we unveil a tailored LSO API solution designed to transform your operations.

Enxoo has been nominated for the "2023 MEF Excellence Awards Finalists" in the prestigious Automated Ecosystem category, demonstrating our commitment to telecommunications innovation.

Ewa Jaśkowiak

Head of Sales at Enxoo

Magdalena Juszczyk

Solution Engineering at Enxoo

Let's connect
Let's connect

“Our ambition was to create a single, universal system, setting the standards of operation of entities on the telecommunications market. We are proud that we managed to successfully implement this innovative system.”

Jacek Wiśniewski, CEO at Nexera


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Enxoo is a boutique Salesforce partner, specializing in digital transformation for the Communications industry.

Embark on your digital transformation journey with a guide you can trust!

We not only help traditional communications service providers (CSP) accelerate business transformation to better meet modern customer expectations, but also help emerging digital service providers (DSP) to stabilize and standardize their business models through Business Support Systems (BSS).

We work with numerous CSPs and focus specifically on the following market segments:

  • Wholesale Carriers
  • Next Generation FTTx Network Operators
  • Enterprise Connectivity Service Providers

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