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General provisions

Enxoo Sp. z o.o. is your Personal Data Administrator.

Enxoo declares that data protection complies with the requirements of generally applicable laws, i.e. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal ofLaws of 2016, item 922).

We respect the privacy law and care about data security. To make sure your data is safe, i.a. we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

Personal data provided in the form on our landing pages are treated as confidential and are not visible to unauthorized persons. Please be advised that providing personal data is voluntary yet necessary to receive the service.

Personal Data Administrator

Enxoo is the administrator of its customers’ personal data. It means that if you have an Account on our website, we process your personal data such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, professional title, place of work, and an IP address.

Enxoo is also the Personal Data Administrator of the newsletter subscribers, webinars subscribers, or subscribers of any other content distributed or released by enxoo.

1. We process your personal data:

a. in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data,

b. in accordance with the implemented Privacy Policy,

c. to the extent and for the purpose necessary to establish and create the content of any Agreement for the service provisioning that enxoo is a part of, to change the Agreement or terminate it, as well as to correctly implement the Services provided digitally,

d. to the extent and for the purpose necessary to fulfill legitimate interests (legally justified goals), assuming the processing does not violate the rights and freedoms of the data subject:

  • to the extent and for the purpose consistent with the consent provided by you if you subscribed for the newsletter,
  • to the extent and for the purpose consistent with your consent if you signed up for a webinar or any other content distributed or released by enxoo.

Each data subject, in case we are their Personal Data Administrator, has the right to access their personal data, correct, delete, or limit the processing of it. Also, the data subject, in this case, has the right to object to the processing of personal data and the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.

You can contact the person supervising the processing of personal data in the organization of the Service Provider via e-mail address:

We reserve the right to process your data after termination of the Agreement or withdrawal of consent only in the scope of the need to seek possible claims before the court or if national or EU regulations or international law oblige us to retain the data.

The Service Provider has the right to share personal data of the User or other User’s data with entities authorized under the applicable law (e.g. prosecuting authorities).

The removal of personal data may occur as a result of the withdrawal of consent or filing a legally-binding objection for the personal data processing.

Enxoo does not share personal data with other entities unless they are authorized under the applicable law.

We have implemented pseudonymization, data encryption, and access control to minimize the effects of a possible data security breach.

Personal data is processed only by persons authorized by the Personal Data Administrator.

Personal data is processed taking into account the principle of accountability, adequacy, and reliability.


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Cookies make it easier to use previously-visited websites.Cookies collect the information related to the IP address, the type of browser used, language, the type of operating system, Internet service provider, time and date information, location, and information sent to the website via a contact form.

The collected data is used to monitor and learn how users use our website to improve the functioning of the service, providing more efficient and problem-free navigation. We monitor user information using the Google Analytics tool that records user behavior on the site.

Cookies identify the user, enabling the content of the website to be adapted to the user’s needs. Remembering user’s preferences makes it possible to adjust addressed to the user ads. We use cookies to guarantee the highest standard of the convenience of our website, and the collected data is used only within enxoo in order to optimize the activities.

Our website uses the following types of cookies:

a) "essential" cookies, enabling the use of services available as part of the website, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication within the website;

b) "performance" cookies, enabling the collection of information about the use of the website;

c) "functional" cookies, allowing "remembering" the settings selected by the user and personalizing the user interface, e.g. in terms of the language or region of the user's origin, size of the font, appearance of the website, etc .

d) "advertising" cookies, enabling users to provide advertising content more tailored to their interests.The user may at any time disable or enable the option of cookies collection by changing the settings in the web browser.

Additional personal data, such as an e-mail address, are collected only in places where the user expressly consented to this by completing the form. The above data is stored and used only for the needs necessary to perform a given function.

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