MEF LSO APIs are becoming increasingly popular across the industry as a standardized means of expediting inter-provider commercial automation. In light of this progress, MEF is hosting a half-day LSO Partner Conference, bringing together leaders, implementers, and solution providers from buyer and seller companies to further advance this ecosystem.
Enxoo is the sponsor of this event.


Why should you attend?

Meet and network in the LSO API community to accelerate the adoption

Hear business and technical perspectives from industry leaders who are driving LSO adoption

Learn about the MEF API release roadmap and how it impacts your automation initiatives

Do you need-a trusted telecommunications partner to deliver end-to-end solutions that drive digital transformation?


Enxoo is your partner in telco digital transformation

  • Interoperability across the industry
  • API-ready BSS
  • Fully automated zero-touch order-to-billing process
  • Quick, fully agile and industry-proven delivery process
  • Out-of-the-box and ready-to-use functionalities
  • Scalable
  • Seamless system integration (OSS, Network Management, ERP, Billing)
  • MEF & TM Forum industry standards

Join our industry expert and listen to his presentation in the thematic block dedicated to Fast-tracking LSO implementation with LSO Solution Providers. Save the date, April 19, 09:30 AM

Head of Innovation Pillar at Enxoo

Maciej Simm

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“The great level of automation of the solution, the flexibility of the platform, as well as the in-depth telco knowledge and experience of Enxoo, encouraged us to select this partner. Enxoo knows how to make a wholesale FTTH transformation a success.”

Jacek Wiśniewski, CEO, Nexera


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“We started Upp at the beginning of 2021 and went live with the Enxoo-delivered Salesforce solution 6 months later. That is a remarkable pace and a testament to Enxoo’s highly skilled team.”

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Alex Marshall, Co-Founder and CTIO, Upp

LSO Partner conference Rome 2023 starts in...


Enxoo is a boutique Salesforce partner, specialising in digital transformation for the Communications industry.

Embark on your digital transformation journey with a guide you can trust!

We not only help traditional communications service providers (CSP) accelerate business transformation to better meet modern customer expectations, but also help emerging digital service providers (DSP) to stabilise and standardise their business models through Business Support Systems (BSS).

We work with numerous CSPs and focus specifically on the following market segments: Wholesale Carriers, Next Generation FTTx Network Operators and Enterprise Connectivity Service Providers.

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